QCTO Programmes

QCTO Accredited Programmes

QCTO Accredited Programmes

In preparation for the change-over from the legacy qualifications to the occupational qualifications in June 2024, we are gearing up our programmes to ensure we continue to deliver agile, disruptive and innovative learning to our students. The high quality of our accredited occupational qualifications will remain unchanged, and our graduates will continue to gain the skills they need to remain future fit and relevant for a changing tomorrow.

Organisational Risk Manager

(Risk Practitioner)

Financial Markets Practitioner

Project Manager

Financial Advisor

Health Care Benefits Advisor

Long Term Insurance Advisor

Investment Advisor

Employee and Pension Fund Benefit Advisor

Foreign Exchange Officer

Insurance Agent: Insurance Underwriter

Insurance Claims Administrator

(Insurance Claims Assessor)

Supply and Distribution Manager

Retail Buyer

Retail Chain Store Manager

Dispatching and Receiving Clerk

Retail Store Manager

Safety, Health and Quality Practitioner