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About Us

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Welcome to Novia One Business School

At Novia One Business School, you are assured of a learning experience that not only embraces technology and disruption, but also finds ways to constantly humanise and connect with the new digital world of work, through our distance learning programmes.

Since the company was founded by Marilyn Ramplin in May 2011, Novia One Business School has been built around its intention to significantly enhance the performance of individuals and corporates through learning experiences rather than lectures. The aim is to create an emotional connection between content and learning for participants through highly active, engaging and experiential training interventions.

Our Story

Delivering Agile Disruptive & Innovative Learning

Long regarded as an institution with impeccable innovative learning credentials, Novia One under its current leadership of Marilyn Ramplin, is forging the way in providing education and learning that embraces the disruptive and agile business environment. We have a progressive outlook on quality distance learning, and we are dedicated to creating meaningful experiential exposure through our student workshops and online tutorial support sessions.

Underpinning this approach is our commitment to agile disruptive and innovative learning. Our teaching methods are combined with a forward-looking view of business and its role in society.  In a world reshaping its outlook and thinking as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, a Novia One qualification provides you and your business with the upper hand, particularly when it comes to co-creating strategy and ensuring corporate longevity and relevance.

We are living in a time when we must continue to learn from the past and prepare for the future. With that said, and in the face of unprecedented change on a global scale, it is equally important that as business leaders we have the competencies to learn in the present to lead effectively in a changing tomorrow.

What is called for at this moment is a form of leadership that is both inclusive and challenging of the status quo; leadership that embraces the unusual and the uncertain, while valuing the power of partnerships.

Novia One leadership students have the unique ability to invite others along on this journey of agility and adaptation, whilst also pushing individuals and institutions to the edge of discomfort. These abilities are born out of our strategic approach to building learning partnerships, which offer you a discernible return on your education investment. It is our aim to guide you through effective and impactful learning journeys, which ignite an unquenchable thirst within you for self-improvement, development and personal growth.

Our role is to assist companies and individuals to remain relevant, identify and seize the opportunity to make a shift and grow strategically, while staying future fit for a new tomorrow. We are passionate about guiding businesses and individuals through shifting landscapes, equipping them with the tools to navigate change and embedding the strategic and ethical depth required to mould impactful and socially-responsible companies and students.


To positively impact the lives of one million people through agile
disruptive & innovative learning.


Delivering agile disruptive & innovative learning to assist our students in remaining relevant today, for a changing tomorrow.


Who We Are

We design qualifications to match the leadership framework, mission and vision of all our clients, and we assist all our students to remain future fit and relevant through agile disruptive learning.

Who We Are

Students We Train

Senior Managers
First Line Managers
Team Leaders
Function Experts
People wishing to further their careers

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Our Learning Methodology

Our engagement model focuses on the following 5 C’s to develop 21st century skills:

Communication: Writing, speaking and presenting
Collaboration: Syndicate groups and peer reviews
Complex problem solving: Assignments and case studies
Creativity: Ideation and innovation
Changeability: Ambiguity and adaptation

Our Learning Methodology

A Learning Journey of Partnership, Agility and Adaptation

The Novia One graduate is agile, creative, innovative and driven. We focus not only on knowledge and skills, but the overall development of a person as a leader as well.

A Learning Journey of Partnership, Agility and Adaptation

Novia One Business School Prospectus

The Novia One Business School Prospectus features our comprehensive programme brochures, admission requirements, as well as the application process to guide you towards achieving your next qualification.

Click the link that follows to download our Prospectus for 2024.