Employee and Pension Fund Benefit Advisor

Employee and Pension Fund Benefit Advisor

1. Apply basic economic principles to the financial services sector.
2. Gain insights into the Financial Advisory and Intermediary Services Act, South African money laundering 
legislation, the Promotion of Access to Information Act and the Electronic Transactions and Communications Act.
3. Analyse and understand different group retirement funds and their investment strategies.
4. Demonstrate knowledge and expertise in terms of the valuation of retirement funds.

18 Months | 18 Classes

Entry requirements

Grade 12 and/or equivalent of at least five years of insurance related work experience

The Employee Fund Benefit Advisor qualification gives students the opportunity to gain technical knowledge of the structure and implementation of a retirement fund for an organisation, as well as an individual. In addition, graduates will be fully equipped to advise business entities and staff members on insurance and group retirement fund benefits.

Module 1: The Investment Industry
Module 2: Insurance and Investment Regulations
Module 3: Benefits and Deductions
Module 4: Pension Fund Investments Module 5: Portfolio Management

Support the provisioning of advice to clients on employee benefits and retirement structures for a period of three to six months. Prescribed workplace evidence must be collected and endorsed by the student’s mentor/supervisor in the workplace and submitted to NVO for final assessment.

NVO will issue a Statement of Results (SoR) once the programme and all assessments have been completed successfully. External Integrated Summative Assessment (EISA) to be scheduled directly with INSETA, once the Novia One programme has been completed. The exam fee is payable directly to INSETA (exam fee to be found on the INSETA website). The Novia One mock examination will be venue based to simulate examination conditions as applied by the External Integrated Summative Assessment. Students will receive a certificate of competence against the qualification directly from QCTO after successfully passing the EISA.

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I LOVED THE Generic Management (Customer Management) programme and I still implement all that I learned through the programme.

Neil Heslop Sasfin Relationship Manager- Business and Commercial Banking

Thank you Novia One Business School for the transformative work that you do which creates a fertile environment for graduates such as myself to flourish and advance not only in academia but in the professional space as well.

Tshepang Pitsi Skills Development Intern

Before I did the programme with Novia One Business School, I wasn’t sure where I was heading in my life. Since I graduated things have been looking up for me and I’ve just been growing every day since I got the job at Direct Axis.

Mustapha Brenner Call Centre Agent