Recognition of Prio Learning (RPL)

What is RPL and How Does it Work?

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) awards a person an accredited qualification for what they already know and how they apply it in the workplace. It facilitates access for ‘non-traditional’ students and people who may not have had the opportunity to register for tertiary education, by taking into account an employee’s relevant knowledge, learning and work experience. At Novia One Business School, we are passionate about the impact RPL can have on our society and as such, we have successfully rolled out this initiative to several organisations with an overall competency rate of 98%.

The Process of Workflow of RPL

  1. Students are guided through the process of compiling evidence to demonstrate their competencies, using the Novia One standardised RPL assessment tool.
  2. A single assignment is due for submission one month after the coaching session.
  3. Novia One carefully assesses the student’s Portfolio of Evidence (POE).
  4. The relevant QA body issues the student’s Certificate of Competency against the full qualification, and they are awarded a formal qualification recognising their skills and expertise.

The Benefits of RPL for Students

  1. The value of learning outside a formal educational setting is recognised and rewarded.
  2. Pride, a sense of accomplishment, improved self-esteem and the validation of self-worth is achieved through the recognition of years of hard work and experience.
  3. Increased opportunities for productivity, an improved CV that could result in promotion, as well as long-term financial benefits.
  4. The time necessary to earn a formal qualification is significantly reduced and students are enabled to progress to more advanced educational and training programmes.