Novia Capital is a FSB licenced and regulated business and offers unique financial investment solutions designed to enhance the B-BBEE scorecard through structured solutions whilst ensuring financial risk management and return on investments specifically aimed at:

  • Enterprise Development
  • Supplier Development
  • Skills Development

As experienced professionals, we seek to support enterprise development and supplier development through offering investment opportunities. Clients can choose between different mandates as well as linking their investment to a youth employment platform which can afford additional B-BBEE scorecard benefits with exponential social benefits. Our services are available to all types of corporate clients across all sectors. Our aim is to facilitate transformation through innovative structured solutions leveraging transparent and low risk vehicles.

Our goal is facilitating transformation and making a social contribution while also creating massive value for our clients. We have put over 350 previously unemployed black graduates into employment leveraging our youth employment platform through our creative BEE strategies and have created a potential R1,5bn of combined lifetime income for our graduates.