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Novia One Group (Pty) Ltd (incorporating Hedge Fund Academy) is a training provider of foundational or basic courses aimed at newly employed graduates as well as specialist technical programmes to Financial Institutions and South African Regulators such as the FSB, SARB and National Treasury.

Starting under the name of Hedge Fund Academy (HFA), the company was founded by Marilyn Ramplin in May 2011 and has since grown tremendously to include various offerings surrounding business professional development.

Marilyn Ramplin


Marilyn Ramplin is an internationally respected authority on Financial Markets, a speaker at international conferences, a member of several South African blue-chip advisory boards, investment and risk management committees including JSE, FirstRand, Alexander Forbes, Ashburton and Strate. 

This is in recognition of the financial markets experience and expertise of Marilyn who has worked in New York and London for almost 15 years.

In recognition of her professional achievements in South Africa, she was awarded Winner of the ABSIP 2016 Emerging Woman Owned Business (Financial Services).

Jul 2009
Novia One History
Founded in London – Hedge Fund Advisory and Training
Feb 2011
Novia One History
Relocated to SA in 2011

Financial Markets Short Courses

Aug 2017
Novia One History
Rebranded to Novia One Group in 2017
Aug 2018
Novia One History
Trained over 5000 delegates and learners
Aug 2019
Novia One History
Conducted more than 2000 learnerships

About Us

Our value as individuals is not the mastery of things of the past. Our value as individuals lies in our ability to be agile, to adapt and to innovate.

How do you stay future fit…. How do you contribute to your organisation being future fit in a world of digital disruption and pandemics.

We focus on transformational learning where it is about the process of deep, constructive, and meaningful learning that goes beyond simple knowledge acquisition and supports critical ways in which participants consciously make meaning of their lives.

Our focus on learning is through:
Experience, Practice,  Conversation and Presentation, Reflection