Financial Advisor

Financial Advisor


Financial Advisor


24 Months | 17 Virtual Sessions

Entry requirements

NQF level 5 qualification in finance

Total number of days out of the office

17 Days, 9h00 – 16h00

The purpose of this qualification is to prepare a student to operate as a Financial Advisor. The responsibilities of this role include analysing the financial needs of clients, as well as facilitating processes and implementing solutions that will contribute towards the protection and growth of wealth for their clients.

EISA (External Integrated Summative Assessment) exam to be booked directly with INSETA once NVO programme is completed.

Exam fee payable directly to INSETA (exam fees to be found on INSETA website). The Novia One mock examination will be venue based to simulate exam conditions as applied by the EISA exam.

Knowledge Module 1: The Investment Advisory Industry (2-days)
Knowledge Module 2: Regulations and Legislation (2-days)
Knowledge Module 3: Healthcare Benefits (3-days)
Knowledge Module 4: Employee and Pension Fund Benefits (3-days)
Knowledge Module 5: Long-Term Insurance (3-days)
Knowledge Module 6: Investments Fundamentals (4-days)

Practical Skills Module 1: Analyse client’s long-term wealth creation and protection needs
Practical Skills Module 2: Evaluate available long-term wealth creation and protection options
Practical Skills Module 3: Recommend and implement the most appropriate wealth creation and protection options
Practical Skills Module 4: Analyse the client organisation’s needs relating to retirement funds and employee benefits
Practical Skills Module 5: Evaluate the availability of various employee benefit and retirement fund options and structures
Practical Skills Module 6: Advise clients on the most appropriate structuring of retirement funds and employee benefits
Practical Skills Module 7: Analyse client needs regarding healthcare benefits
Practical Skills Module 8: Provide advice on the introduction of the healthcare benefit programmes
Practical Skills Module 9: Research, analyse and conduct due diligence of investment opportunities
Practical Skills Module 10: Advise clients regarding potential investment opportunities
Practical Skills Module 11: Facilitate the implementation of agreed investment decisions

Work Experience Module 1: Participate in the process of wealth creation
Work Experience Module 2: Support the provisioning of advice to clients on employee benefits and retirement structures for a period of three to six months
Work Experience Module 3: Participate in the processes of providing advice regarding the implementation of healthcare benefit programmes
Work Experience Module 4: Participate in the processes of advising on investment decisions over a period of six months

Prescribed work experience must be endorsed by the student’s mentor/supervisor and submitted to NVO for final assessment.

The full qualification comprises four part-qualifications, which can be completed as follows:
• Health Care Benefits Advisor (Level 5) (102 Credits) (1 Year)
• Long Term Insurance Advisor (Level 5) (180 Credits) (1 Year)
• Employee and Pension Fund Benefit Advisor (Level 5) (110 Credits) (1 Year)
• Investment Advisor (Level 6) (213 Credits) (1 Year)

Provide sound advice to clients regarding the following:
1. The use of long-term insurance to manage risks and protect wealth
2. The implementation of employee benefits and retirement funds
3. The advantages of healthcare benefit programmes
4. The growth and protection of wealth through appropriate investments and related methods

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I LOVED THE Generic Management (Customer Management) programme and I still implement all that I learned through the programme.

Neil Heslop Sasfin Relationship Manager- Business and Commercial Banking

Thank you Novia One Business School for the transformative work that you do which creates a fertile environment for graduates such as myself to flourish and advance not only in academia but in the professional space as well.

Tshepang Pitsi Skills Development Intern

Before I did the programme with Novia One Business School, I wasn’t sure where I was heading in my life. Since I graduated things have been looking up for me and I’ve just been growing every day since I got the job at Direct Axis.

Mustapha Brenner Call Centre Agent